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Welcome to K.I.D.S Church – Kids In Divine Service!

 Did you know that we are excited? We hope you are too, because it is exciting to sit next to and learn from God—even though we cannot always see Him. Every Sunday we have chance to hear what Jesus is teaching us. He is the God who loved to have children near Him. Like the apostles and the large crowds of people who followed Him, we also want to learn what He says.

 This year in KIDS’ Church we will learn how to live godly lives through study of the Beatitudes and the Sermon on the Mountain. Along the path we will meet many of the Old Testament and New Testament men and women of God. We will discover how God comforted Nehemiah as he mourned over the city of Jerusalem, how Abraham received God’s promise and many, many more.

 We’ll also find out what happens to George and Malcolm—you know, the two kids who always find themselves in an adventure? And of course our friends Lazy Larry, Chicken Man, Mrs. Frump, Professor IQ, Surfer Zack and Zouie and others will show up now and then, often when we least expect them.

 In our KIDDIE Church, toddlers and explorers (up to age 5) will join the exciting exploration of the Word of God by participating in crafts, activities, music and stories.

 Are you ready to come and join us? Oh, wait—there’s more! This

Spring, we are opening a midweek KIDS’ service every Wednesday evening from 7 to 9 pm while the adults are having prayer service. How about that!

 We hope you’ll come and join us!


ANC KIDS’ Church Staff


 Note: We ask for your continued prayers for the KIDS’ ministry and Team. Prayer points include:

  • Bus for transporting kids and staff. 

We need volunteers.